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Heartwarming kiss

Heartwarming kiss

Heartwarming kiss

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    Heartwarming kiss
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    Mumu selenium
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    Hotel novel
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2022-07-13 04:38:04
Suyunxiu fell in love with one person when she was a freshman. The other took the initiative to pursue her. The two decided to stay together. After graduating from college, they spent four years together silently, gradually smoothing out her tenderness and patience< Br> suyunxiu is willing to bear the gossip< Br> at the birthday party, suyunxiu stood at the half closed door and listened to the laughter inside. Only then did she know that they had been his plan from the beginning. She was just a bet between them< Br> when the truth came, she deleted all the men's contact information and took the initiative to pack up things to make room for her to leave< Br> -- after the breakup, suyunxiu began to concentrate on her career. She only wanted to make money. Looking at the girl becoming more and more outstanding, Xu Muxin itched to recover and was filled with joy on her way to work. Suyunxiu sneered: "this gentleman, a good dog is not in the way. You are in the way."< Br> Xu Mu: "...."< Br> behind her was a handsome man with outstanding temperament, wearing a mask, who came slowly to her, hugged the girl with an intimate and possessive voice: "XiuXiu, we should go home."< Br> the girl brushed past him without even giving him a look< Br> young master Xu, who stayed where he was, had a red eye, which became a joke< Br> before I met Yu Wenci, her world was dark. After I met him, the man gave his whole life of tenderness to completely remove the uneasiness in her heart, and let her laugh wantonly in his world< Br> he said, "little girl, why are you so embarrassed every time you meet?"< Br> "well, don't pretend. You can cry if you want, but you won't laugh at you. What are you doing with it?"